Who We Are

Emelody engineers and designers enable our clients to produce commercially viable and technology ready products. We work with our clients not simply in concept but by providing complete, turn key processes to help ensure our clients success in the market.

Emelody Product Development
A Little More About Us

We Are Thinkers, Innovators, & Engineers.

One of our biggest passions is learning and understanding what makes products thrive. Although each and every industry has their own sector of commerce, there are several universal key indicators that determine the success of a product. Our mission is to help you determine that those are, and how to optimize your process so that it is as efficiency and profitable as possible. We partner with innovators ranging from start ups to historic landmark corporations assist us in bringing meaningful ideas to life.

Emelody Product Development

Jon Thomas

Principle, Project Director

Jon Thomas is the principle engineer and project director for research, product development, and Eigen Aerospace. With a background in aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Jon has worked in several fields from experimental aerodynamics, environmental engineering, green energy, micro robotics, and product design. Jon has a passion for developing new concepts that not only make the world a better place, however innovate manufacturing solutions and expedite the process of moving new products to market. His research interests are in advanced propulsion systems, new aircraft design, and applied mathematics in Riemannian and differential geometry.

Emelody Product Development

Elizabeth V.M. Johnson

Lead Product Designer, Operations Director

Elizabeth is the lead product designer and operations director for Emelody Product Development. With a background in earth and atmospheric science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Elizabeth contains a strong computational background in numerical algorithms and systems development for weather prediction. Her passion of designing products was founded from robotic systems development and exploring the options of design in all avenues of industry. She additionally maintains a role of operations director overseeing daily operations and optimizing businesses processes and prototyping methodologies.

Emelody Product Development

What Motivates Us

Besides the talent and passion that surrounds our team, the one thing we strive to pursue is imagination. It was the imagination of a few great men through history who never gave up, that provided us with the life we now know today. However even with imagination, you must have a diligent and strong work ethic in regards to problem solving and frustration. Sometimes we get problems that are quick fix, while others are complicated and arduous. No matter which one we receive, we will never give up or abandon a project that we take on no matter how grim the outcome may look. Remember there is always a solution and we intend to exploit it.