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Although we have worked with many entrepreneurs and companies, here is just a sample of recent projects to display our involvement in various fields of design. If you are wondering if your project is a right fit for us, feel free to contact us and we will provide a complementary consultation.

Emelody Product Development

Wind Turbine Concept

Mechanical Design Studio

The M.D.S. wanted to investigate the possiblity of being able to harness enery from the condenser unit fan, and additionally passive airflow perpendicular to the air conditioner. The final concept was the combination of a horizontal and vertical axis wind turbine with airfoil coverings on the feet to prevent vorticial wake from entering the turbine.

Emelody Product Development

Bottle Punch

Entrepreneur Mike Fleck

Designed to solve the classic problem of kids spilling drinks in the car, inventor Mike Fleck reached out to Emelody to propose a simple but effective solution; punch a hole in the top of the lid. The device works by inserting the top and pressing down similar to an onion chopper to make a straw worthy hole utlizing the existing lid from the bottle. No more mess, headache, or frustration and can be done in 5 seconds or less.

Emelody Product Development

UAV Package Reception System

Private Entrepreneur

In the age of the UAV, many ideas have come to fruition on how to develop cohesive components that will allow for the integration of drone delivery. Measuring 12" by 12" the package reception system will be alerted on approach by the UAV and then proceed to open from above in order for the UAV to deliver the cargo. Upon leaving, the system will automatically lock the contents inside and shut the roof doors. The use can acess the content later either via app, or with a fingerprint scanner.

Emelody Product Development

Cast Iron Skillet

Grizzly Cast Iron

Grizzly cast iron set out to design a unique 12" skillet that met their robust heritage and additionally provided nickle plating to provide a non stick surface when cooking. The design is a beautiful interpretation of classic elements with modern day finesse. It contains pour spouts, a forward assist, full nickle plating, an elongated handle for control, and 100% american made grey iron.

Emelody Product Development

Bow Tie Buckle

Mattie & Margot

Mattie and Margot provides beautiful custom collars for pets that incorporates elegant styling and polished metal buckles. The goal was to produce a classic buckle yet incorporate a bow element into the snap fit assembly that would provide further appeal and branding power. Emelody provided a 5/8" and 1" buckle design for use on their collars to elevate their product line and seperate them from the competition.

Emelody Product Development

Three Bearing Swivel Nozzle

Eigen Aerospace

Thrust vectoring schemes have been an active area of interest for the last 40 years. Emelody Product Development designed and prototyped a 3BSM for use on a novel UAV concept. In addition to the 3BSM actuation, a full 360 degree vector nozzle was added for further flight stability and control when vertical take off and landing was implemented.

Emelody Product Development

Arduino Demonstrator

Proof of Concept

Sometimes entrepreneurs and hobbyist do not want to make the full dive to test concepts or ideas. Projects like these are best for off the shelf microcontrollers such as rasberries, arduinos, and launchpads. The goal was to test the concept of creating a miniaturized environment for detecting harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide, smoke, butane, and propane while signaling with a buzzer and flashing LED. With a little help from Arduino this easily became a reality.

Emelody Product Development

Apple Watch Charger Integration

Private Entrepreneur

This demonstrable product was designed to unify the products of Apple, specifically the iPhone and watch into a single charger. Now you can charge the phone and watch at the same time. It additionally works with android phones and watches through micro USB ports, and if you are adventurous charge one apple device, and one android device. Emelody provided an in house PCB design, package design, and product case (not shown).

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Emelody Product Development